Gerede Chamber of commerce and Industry

Gerede Chamber of commerce and Industry



Gerede Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1995 and continues its commercial activities in Gerede district Bolu Chamber of Commerce and Industry registered by the request of more than 51% of real and legal persons and members of the Board under the leadership of Ismail Hakkı Pehlivan Governor Cengiz ATA, Selahattin Atalay and so on. As a result of their applications to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the first organ elections were held on 4-5-6 October 1995, Mr. Mehmet DÖNEN, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Period, and our Geredeli Nurse, the first chairman of the Board of Directors İsmail Hakkı Pehlivan was the chairman of the council İbrahim Baygın and Kemal Birbilener Kemal Özmen, Yunus Calayır and Sait Ahıskalıoğlu formed the board of directors. Şerafettin Dağyıldızı was appointed as the first general secretary of the room while Mehmet Gürcan, Nazif Konuk,

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