Indonesia Muslim Entrepreneur Community

Indonesia Muslim Entrepreneur Community


About Us

KPMI (Indonesian Muslim Entrepreneurs Community) was formed in 2010 in Bogor, after it was preceded by the creation of the website (2005) and the mailing list (2008), as a joint tool for Muslim entrepreneurs to explore the Islamic creed straight and Islamic law in bermuammalah (Fiqh Muammalah).

KPMI was founded by several Muslim associates and entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to disseminate knowledge about how Muslim entrepreneurs carry out and manage their businesses in accordance with the example given by the Messenger of Allah and his friends and previous generations of Islam to save the world and the hereafter.

KPMI is based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution and in carrying out its programs and activities it is always guided and based on the Islamic creed that is straight and runs the provisions in accordance with Islamic Sharia, based on the Al Quran and authentic Hadith in accordance with the understanding of Salafush Salih former pious scholars).

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