Indonesian Entrepreneur Association (APINDO)

Indonesian Entrepreneur Association (APINDO)



Born on January 31, 1952, the Indonesian Employers’ Association (APINDO) was originally established under the name of the Indonesian Consultative Body for Social Affairs. After the struggle for independence, development in all fields began to become a concern, one of which was in the socio-economic field. This field is also something new in the business world.

Problems related to the business world began to emerge, such as issues of industrial relations and labor, and labor. The demands fought for by workers underwent a change, which before independence, the guidance of the workers became a movement in order to achieve independence. In the post-independence era, demands have emerged to get better work protection rights so that this triggers the emergence of employment relations issues involving workers with employers.

Along with the increasing issues in the field of labor and industrial relations, employers consider the importance of a forum that is able to become a forum for communication and exchange of ideas to solve various problems that arise in the field of industrial relations and labor. the interests of the government and employers. In a broader scope, the forum can voice the aspirations of employers to the government and other organizations, both at home and abroad, which are involved in the world of industrial relations and labor.

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