Indonesian Money Transfer Organizers Association (APPUI)

Indonesian Money Transfer Organizers Association (APPUI)



The Association of Indonesian Money Transfer Organizers (APPUI) is an official organization of Bank Indonesia which was established on October 2, 2009, located in the Bank Indonesia Building, Jakarta. The background to the establishment of APPUI is a call by Bank Indonesia to all Fund Transfer Companies in Indonesia. At this summons meeting, APPUI was formed to raise the Money Transfer Company from registered to licensed. The first APPUI Chairperson was appointed by Mr. Nizarwan Nawas by acclamation.

APPUI has the aim to increase the role of its members in realizing a Money Transfer Industry that is more efficient, competitive and has the pride of nationalism in the face of international competition. APPUI also acts as an oversight arm of the regulator in complying with the rules and supervision in force in Indonesia, as well as in the delivery of information regarding the latest Law. In addition, APPUI was also formed as a forum for aspirations for Money Transfer Companies in Indonesia. (APPUI)

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