Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association

Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association



HIPMI was formed as a forum for the business world that can accommodate and collect the aspirations of young Indonesian entrepreneurs where they share responsibility for economic growth and national resilience and also look for and shape the identity of national entrepreneurs both now and in the process of acceleration and modernization. HIPMI was formed on the 10th June 1972 by young Indonesian entrepreneurs at that time such as Abdul Latief, Datuk Hakim Thantowi, Drs. T. Syahrul, Siswono Yudohusodo, Irawan Jaya Atmadja, Badar Tando and Pontjo Sutowo, are motivated by the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference which aims to be in line with other young entrepreneurs at the international level.

HIPMI Jaya was only formed 2 (two) years later, on March 20, 1974, precisely led by:

Drs.Agung Laksono, Drs. Rainal Rais, Drs. Viktor Pardede, Tinton Suprapto, Syarifuddin Idris, SH and Ir. Sukrisno Ramelan.

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