Iran International Chamber of Commerce

Iran International Chamber of Commerce


About Us: Iran International Chamber of Commerce

The Iranian National Committee of ICC was founded in 1963. Its activities had been terminated at the end of 1970s for few years and Iranian membership in ICC was reactivated in 1985 to promote international trade and investment of the country. The functions of Iranian National Committee are:

– Connecting the Iranian National Committee members to the headquarter of ICC in Paris

– Providing members’ the requested information from ICC

– Participating in ICC’s events to communicate Iranian members’ positions and their view points to ICC’s technical commissions and taskforces

– Reflecting ICC’s rules of regulations to relevant institutions in Iran

– Providing advisory services to the members

– Organizing educational seminars and workshops; translating and publishing books in all aspects of international trade, particularly those of ICC

– Reflecting the policies of ICC World Council and World Chambers Congress to the government, agencies, private sector and Endeavour to be implemented by them

– Providing services to the members of Iranian National Committee including Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Services

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