Tavsanli Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Tavsanli Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Our room was founded in 1930. It was fully operational in 1971. In 1971, the number of members was around 400. There are Emet, Domanic and Hisarcik districts in our study area. In 1985, the land was purchased for the service building of our rooms. In 1987, the roof was closed by climbing 1 floor. However, it was rented and evaluated as not sufficient for use. In 1995, necessary studies were carried out to purchase a hemodialysis machine at Tavşanlı State Hospital. 3 hemodialysis machines were purchased with the financial contributions of our room. In 1997, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union, attempts were made necessary for the allocation of our room from the ambulance that distributes the rooms located in the provinces and our room allocated ambulance rabbit Tavsanli in terms of providing services to the people of the State Hospital ‘ what was the gift. Between 1996-1997-1998, 400 students were provided with clothing aid each year from the students in Tavşanlı. Temtaş A.Ş. was established with the participation of other chambers, non-governmental organizations and Tavşanlı people under the leadership of our chamber and municipality. and the tender process was started by winning the tender. In 1999, a fully equipped ambulance was purchased in our room to serve our members and the people of Tavşanlı. As a result of the applications, ambulance is allocated. The service building, which was built as a single-storey building, became operational in October 2001 by increasing 4 times in 2000 to provide full capacity service.

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