SMEs getting increasingly ‘entangled in regulations’, says Chambers Ireland

Chambers Ireland is concerned about Irish businesses being overly affected by EU regulations related to Green and digital transitions. They are urging candidates in the upcoming European elections to prioritize the needs of Irish businesses, calling for a focus on sustainability and productivity for SMEs over the next five years.

Chambers Ireland emphasizes the challenges businesses face, including Brexit, Covid, inflation, and geopolitical events, and calls for a strategic continental-level approach to energy and industrial policy. They seek more support for small firms in intra-union trade and a stronger focus on effective policies without bypassing impact assessments, particularly for SMEs.

Chambers Ireland highlights Ireland’s potential in the Green Transition but stresses the need for EU assistance. They criticize regulations like the potential late-payments directive, seeing it as a solution to a non-existent problem, increasing costs for businesses, especially in the retail sector.

Published 00.01 am Monday, February 05, 2024
Source. Eoin Burke-Kennedy is Economics Correspondent of The Irish Times.